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Colleen Hodgson- Metis Nations BC


     Colleen spoke on behalf of Bruce Dumont, President of Metis Nations BC, and she is the Director of Education and Culture within the Metis Nations Organization. Metis Nation has a standing partnership with FNESC, and they work for over 60,000 Metis within BC. Implementing a structure around 3 key points, Community, Region and Provincial and keeping the bond between the three alive and strong as they strive to improve their culture. Health, education, elders, youth, recreation, and sports are some examples of specific areas the Metis are focussing on strengthening and empowering. To achieve the goals they have set out for these areas they need everyone to come together meaning, family, aboriginal, non-aboriginal, teachers, professors, school boards, regional government and provinical government, with the support of all these people success is sure to be around the corner. She went on to say that the conference is a building block in the grand scheme of improving education and that the aboriginal youth are the experts and have much to teach us. I strongly agreed when she said “you are just one person and its important to share your knowledge” because sharing is important, and if you dont share what you know it could be lost.


November 28, 2008 - Posted by | FNESC 14th Annual Provincial Conference

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