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One speaker really stuck out this morning. He spoke of learning and teaching. There was a point made about “Emotion” not being included in our curricular. There were strong words spoken that are really sticking in my head and I will never forget. The words he spoke were that emotions need to be understood and that we need to learn how to control them. For example road rage is a point he made. If you get cut off somewhere and you don’t have control of your emotions you might be driven to turn around and fallow that guy that cut you off and something you might regret for the rest of your life. So emotions are really important and need to be understood. I mean there are some people that can get really emotional and it can be helped. An example of controlling your emotions is that if you have a report due tomorrow morning, how would you feel? The answer most likely would be stress. Now picture getting a call from your boss saying you have a week extension to do your report. Your emotion changes to relief now. So all we need to do is learn how to channel our emotion and learn to deal with things in an orderly fashion. Now this is one thing I really think we should start up asap because Emotion is the foundation in which we understand what we are learning.


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