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Today was EXCITING.! [[ o_O ]]

Heyy Everyone.!

M’kay, as you start looking at my blog (criticizing the way I type), please note that I have my own way of typing in Cyber Space.!

Today was awesome as we started the day off learning to blog from Miss-604 herself.! Some of us have some previous blogging experience from before, myself included, although we could never beat out what she has done so far. “Miss-604” gave us an excellent lesson on blogging today, as well as introduced us to a variety of sites where we can post our photos, do our own blogging and “twitter” with the rest of the world! We are already putting these newfound skills to use…obviously.

In the afternoon we had the special privilage of meeting Sue Hanley from the First Nations Technology Counsel (FNTC) who talked to us about ICT Capacity Development in BC. She explained what FNTC does and how they want to make BC’s rural communities more in touch with the rest of BC.! Sue mentioned there 2008 budget, as well as a few plans FNTC has been scheming of, as well as how she came up with ideas by looking at Bus Side Advertisements.! Sue had a bit of help from fellow colleagues and people with “very good” contacts.

Before we started on supper with the FNESC Provincial Conferences’s organizers, some of us fans had the highlight of our evening when the entire Calgary Flames Team marched out of the Westin Bayshore Hotel’s lobby. I literally had a heart attack when I saw Todd Bertuzzi and Jerome Iginla.!!! After a few pictures and autographs, we had dinner with the FNESC-PCOs, during dinner we introduced ourselves and shared a little of what we had learned over the past few days. It was very exciting, unfortunately the servers could not share with us the location of the Vancouver Canucks.

After dinner we decided to go for a little walk around Vancouver looking for a Starbucks, unfortunately we weren’t in that part of the city where there was “a startbucks on every block”…we found one eventually.  We then headed back to the WB-Hotel, while there we attended the little pre-gathering where we had the privilage of listening to a couple speakers talking about “Going Green” ideas, It was interesting in a way.

Well, tomorrow we have an early start to the day (6AM)…unfortunately I am having a late evening(12AM).! That means less sleep for me, I had better be off for now, especially if tomorrow holds alot of great opportunities and potentially more photo ops with “famous” people.

[[ Brice ]]

The Hockey Player and the Prince.

The Hockey Player and the Prince.


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