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Strengthening Connections: What Strength Means To Me

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Strength and courage comes with times of lost thoughts and doubt. If you want to become stronger you must work at a specific goal. I have the wisdom to know that life on the street ends in lost time and hurtful memories. I am happy to say that life has a changing wind.  My focus is on the north, I am a northern star and officially a blogger, you can call me Miss Takla! I am having a good time and becoming stronger every moment of every day. I have a lot of big dreams but most important to me is to encourage youth to stay away from the life of drugs and Alcohol. I see a place in my life where big changes will happen and life on the Reservation will never be the same. I ask that you read this and consider for yourself if the path you walk will have good or bad outcome because it all depends on what you choose to do.

Always live a strong and truthful lifestyle, have big dreams and never give in to the bad way of living, anyone can get caught up in in. I’ve seen the way temptations take over,  they can rule your actions and thoughts. Think about the way you do things and show yourself you can become a better person.

MissTakla (North Star and Blogger of the North) Nov. 29/ 2008


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  1. Hey there Miss Takla, just a quick note, i hear your passion and see that you’ve come from the trenches and have done wonderful things for yourself. I just want you to remember to take baby steps in your journey because when you try to move mountains you often get frustrated and it’s easier to fall. I know this from experience as I myself had to learn to take baby steps, which i still do in my work as a youth worker. One youth at a time I always say, and you are living proof of that. As i know that, in my work as a reconnect worker not only myself but the rest of the team made an impact on your life, and you showed me this when i saw you at the conference. I thank you, and encourage you to stay on the red road, remember it’s not easy, but those bumps you encounter will only make you a stronger person. You are a beautiful, strong First Nations Woman, and I’m am honored to have been a part of your life. Keep up the good work

    Comment by Krystal | December 1, 2008 | Reply

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