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Ensuring a Bright Educational Future for First Nations

Tyrone McNeil
Tyrone McNeil spoke with poise and grace, when he spoke of the advancements in education that have been taking place in British Columbia. Tyrone clearly understands the barriers that First Nations people and communities face in education both on and off reserve. He knows that to get a great education for all First Nations people, a great foundation has to be in place. He knows that support in both the home and in the classroom is vital to our success. The work to achieve the level of support our aboriginal learners need still continues to this day. The message was strong that we will continue this fight for the future of our communities and our people. We all have a common goal in mind for the future and it is important that we do not loose our vision. Not only is Tyrone working with communities and other First Nations organizations, he is working with the provincial government, which gives momentum to Tyrone’s work. Through these partnerships, new partnerships were born, like a partnership with post-secondary institutes to ensure the success of our First Nations students. Tyrone has a firm perspective on his work and he knows there is still a lot of work to be done.


November 29, 2008 - Posted by | FNESC 14th Annual Provincial Conference

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