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Lake Babine Nation Promotes Language Program

Chief Betty Patrick of Lake Babine Nation and Monty PalmantMonty Palmantier and Chief Betty Patrickier the Education Director of LBN & UNBC School of Education, introduce an innovative Language Teacher Education Program.

Teaching a traditional language can be one of the most difficult subjects any teacher can learn to teach, especially since it is one of our ancestral values.  With the newly developed education program for teachers who wish to teach it in the classroom.  Teaching traditional language can be very difficult for those who have not had proper training to do so, the program ad been implemented throughout the LB Nation’s schools to improve the teaching quality of the teachers.

Although the population of LB Nation is only 2,400; the youngest fluent speakers of the Tsay Kay Dene Language went from the elders to the mid 30s range.  “Behaviours reflecting Values reflecting Philosophy” says Monty as he shares his enthusiasm in the programs success.

The significant improvement struck ideas that the new language program should be implemented in other First Nations Schools as well as Universities, Colleges and Institutions that have traditional language courses.


November 29, 2008 - Posted by | FNESC 14th Annual Provincial Conference

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