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Sense of Belonging

Jennifer AuldJennifer Auld

Jennifer Auld from SD70, Ucluelet Elementary, was able to capture her audience with her views and work in making a sense of belonging for First Nations students in there educational environment. She explained how students that feel they do not belong in a class room would not do as well academically. Through her work she has been able to provide proof for all to see.  In amazement she asked a question that I never thought of; when you look in your schools, do you see anything that you can see that represents you and your culture? I can’t really think of any schools that I went to during my years that contained any thing to do with my culture. This question really made me think. My first thought was how are we going to be proud of our culture and ourselves if we aren’t being notice as s part of the rest of the world. Followed by how can we show the world how exciting and interesting we are as a people through our culture. Also, how do we involve other people and cultures to share in our traditions and beliefs? I think that all we have to do is take the first step and be proud for all to see.


November 29, 2008 - Posted by | FNESC 14th Annual Provincial Conference

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