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What are your biggest challenges in teaching math?

During the time I spent in the Jump Math workshop there were some issues that caught my attention. I found that learning math has a lot of surrounding issues that affect the rate of success for a student. If a child isn’t eating properly they will have difficulty concentrating so it’s important for students to have a diet high in nutrients. Bananas and apples are nutritional foods that improve a child’s ability to concentrate. Parents should always make sure their child/ren are eating healthy every morning and not eating junk. Another interesting fact I learned was that if a child has difficultly with writing skills it can affect their anxiety levels in other areas such as math, if a child has trouble reading an equation they will have trouble understanding the math concepts.

I listened to Liz Barrett speak about the way some kids write their numbers backwards and how it is a contributing factor to the reason why a student has challenges learning basic skills. Teachers have to lend extra support to students with dyslexia to help them achieve basic skills.

I felt a sense of happiness knowing that there are ways to help children with difficulties in math. It was great to know that there are ways to identify learning disabilities though very specific testing. For example, we learned in the workshop that if a child is placed on their stomach and asked to simulate a breast stroke in a pool and they cannot coordinate their arms, they may have a learning disability and need further testing.

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps you in your journey with teaching math to your students.

Yours respectfully

Carmelita Abraham


November 30, 2008 - Posted by | FNESC 14th Annual Provincial Conference

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