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Who’s The Real Bryce Johnny?

When YMade Famous On His Own.ou read my blogs on Social Networks such as, Bebo and Facebook, you get an in site look at what is going on inside my head…you even get to stalk my many profile mug shots!  If you saw me walking down the street, you probably wouldn’t look twice at me.  You would walk right on by wondering what Bryce’s latest blog post was about or when I am going to write next.In fact, if we met at a restaurant, hotel, or a mall, you would find me alone, with friends, quiet, loud, in a thought trance, txting, talking animatedly, looking important, being a snob, saying hi, smiling, frowning…I’m confusing you, I know, I just have multiple personalities I guess. Well, I really should say that I am one personality diversified, if that made any sense. 

I’m still the same person…you know, the one that everybody wants to HANG OUT with, but finds it hard since EVERYONE wants to be with me at the SAME time.

 I’m the one YOU want to befriend…although, like all others, you have to “Take a Number”.

Though the generalities of my life sound extraordinary, having lived in three provinces and achieving scads of “Bucket List” goals including, Eating an Earthworm, the specifics are quite ordinary. 

It just so happens that 298 Beboers read my blog last month, to be honest, I told them to.  (It brings my profile views up, without the “look at my page and receive 100 hearts” comments).

Self Descriptions: Napolean Ice Cream, Multi-Grain Bread, they just mean Sophisticated and Complex.

I like to consider myself to being “Multi-Talented”, some of my talents include: Flying, Cooking and Photography. The talent list really continues into the dark abyss…[[ DARK ]]

I’m an Infinitely Unique Individual. So are the 8 Billion Humans that inhabit this world, which looks like a moldy blueberry, it just has its own uniqueness as well.



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  1. eating earthworms… dark abyss… moldy blueberry… lol ur choice of words always cracks me up just like ur variety of sounds…

    Comment by Tiffanie Sampson | December 10, 2008 | Reply

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