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Wade Webster fom Lytton BC

Wade Webster fom Lytton BC
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Wade Webster is from Lytton BC.  He is 9 years old and stood out from the rest at the 14th Annual FNESC Provincial Conference in Vancouver, November 27th to the 29th of 2008.

It’s wonderful to see the very young youth of today getting involved in such complex kinds of conferences!   Far beyond there years in wisdom with no problem fitting in.  The spirit of this picture captures the adorable nature of young Wade. Our youth are interested in the process of learning at conferences provided by organizations like FNESC and it’s great to see it in action.
I feel happy when I see this picture. I love to see kids attend conferences with the drive to learn about what’s going on.  I believe this is what our future needs, people to recognize this type of thing and be driven to go out and make a difference some how.

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Miss Takla (Blogger of the North)


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