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Andrew Mark Dexel


This artist is one to be remembered!  I felt so happy to see such a young artist.  I am pulled in by the colors and strong feeling of  First Nations history. It’s so good to see youth working in a cultural medium as a career choice.
I have a business too and I know that any sale is a good one!  I am proud of my business and I’m thrilled to see other young, First Nations entrepenuers getting their stuff out there!  Good work!

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Carmelita Abraham

Miss Takla (Blogger of the North.)


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Spirit Dancer

Spirit Dancer
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Spirit Dancer
What a great name! I like the whole vibe in this picture and I have a soft spot for the child who is so smart.   The children who attended the 14th Annual FNESC Provincial Conference made the whole event worth attending.  It’s beautiful to see the future in the eyes of the children we are working to better education for. The children are important and should be recognized for working and attending at an event such as this one.

So I am happy to present to you:

Spirit Dancer

• Hand Engraved
• Silver plated & diamond cut on copper
• * No Polishing
• Surgical steel

Calvin Harry

(604) 598-3032
(778) 386-6071

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