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TEKKRU Attending the 2009 ICT Summit

Community Tools Culture

Community Tools Culture

TEKKRU Media will be attending this conference in a couple of different capacities.  First and foremost it is our purpose to get youth around BC aware of these kind of events.  There will be a wide array of participants coming from First Nations communities, various levels of goverment and from different organizations all of whom are interested in talking about the future of ICT in First Nations communities.  This years focus is on Community, Tools and Culture and promises to offer us a great learning experience and great networking opportunity.  The ICT Summit annual confrences are known for linking people, projects and organizations together, we are excited to be part of the mix.  Check out the video from the 2008 ICT Summit!
The TEKKRU Media team will be hosting a Media Lab at this event where delegates can check their email, browse the web and upload conference material.  We will also be taking picutes and updating you on the events right here on our blog.
We are proud to announce that the 2009 Youth Information Technology Program will be recognizing it’s recent participants and graduates at this conference.  Don’t miss the opportunity to see these youth receive recognition for their achievements and wish them well on their journey to become the future leaders of our communities.  
Make sure you look into this event, there’s lots in store. REGISTER NOW!

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Way to start the new year!

On Sunday, Janurary.4th 2009 I got in my first car accident ( where i was the driver ) Scariest moment of my life so far!! I wasn’t harmed in any way accept for my emotional state! The car didn’t get totaled or anything but I really think that the snow saved me, because i landed in the ditch with the car on its side and theres a mini dent on the passenger side of the door, but theres another one on the corner pannel and thats a bigger dent. I was by myslelf at night time, which was stupid of me anyways, but if I didn’t have my cell phone and service, who knows how long I would have been out there, I was lucky and won’t be driving up North anytime soon until the snow is GONE!

* No pictures, but maybe I’ll upload one later* lol

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