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The Olympic Pavilion Unveiling

The Olympic pavilion will be a gathering place for all nations of the world to observe the First Nations culture in Canada.  While visiting the pavilion people will be able to learn a lot about First nation’s culture; like carving, traditional dances, and potlatches.  We will now be center stage as part of Vancouver and Canada as a lasting part of history.  With the world learning what and who we are, I’m hoping we can drop the stereotypical Indian persona that is shown all over T.V.  I am personally glad to see that we are going to be considered partners of the 2010 games rather than just another prop to be shown off.  Going to the unveiling was a great sight, I witnessed an amazing thing, First Nations, Vanoc, the city of Vancouver as well as the government all working together for one common purpose.  Listening to all of the representatives speak with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Each person knew the significance of being there at the unveiling.  The 2010 games is a lasting legacy of Canada and First Nations people and I am glad knowing that I will witness it all unfold. 


February 7, 2009 - Posted by | Media Events |

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