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E-Books, or electronic books, are defined by Wikipedia as the digital media equivalent of a conventional printed book. E-Books are revolutionizing the way people read today, not only the books them selves, but the equipment used to read them.

When E-Books first came out they were written for limited audiences, had a small scope of topics (ie. technical manuals, or manufacturing techniques) and were traditionally read on personal computers. But today many of the mainstream publishers are making their popular titles available as E-Books. These titles are available at such websites as ebooks.com, and amazon.ca. Many public libraries have caught on to the trend now as well and are offering E-Books to their patrons. Even with E-books becoming more mainstream there was still one problem, a person no longer had the freedom to just carry a book around and read it when they wanted, they were stuck sitting in front of a computer. That’s where the new technology comes in.

In 2008 new dedicated reading hardware had been developed and released to the public. At first there were only a couple models available for purchase, the Kindle, which was produced by Amazon, and the PRS-500, produced by Sony. But today there are a variety of E-Book readers to choose from as Sony has released new models; Amazon has a new model of the Kindle coming out soon, and new manufacturers are getting into the mix as well, for example Foxit Software just rolled out their new E-Book, the E-Slick Reader. These devices can be pretty basic and be intended only for reading your E-Books, or they can have many other features and be sort of an all in one media device. Most of these readers use a basic SD/SDHC or Memory Stick Duo(for Sony models) cards and can store hundreds of E-Books, depending on the amount of storage that comes with the device and how much you add to it through the SD/SDHC or Memory Stick Duo card. These devices are perfect for those who are on the go and like to have their entire library with them, or even for those who love books, but don’t have the room to store as many books as they would like. But for those who would like to save a little money and use something they probably already have, companies such as Google and Amazon are teaming up to make E-Books available on cellular phones which will make E-Books even more portable and cost effective.

So with the trend of E-Books continuing to rise I see many positive effects it will have on those who choose to use them, the first being portability, then there is also the longevity of the E-Books, they should last as long as you like if you take care of the media you store them on, and on top of all of that it helps out the environment by saving the paper that would have been used in the printed version of the book. I’m positive that as the E-Book industry continues to grow that it will lead to much advancement in technology and the overall experience of reading an E-book will only get better. That’s all I have for this week, check back again next week for the latest in technology.


February 9, 2009 - Posted by | Earl Tatoosh - New Technology

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