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A new way to window shop!

We all like to see what it is that we want to buy, whether it is clothing or the latest gadget.   We usually see the product on T.V or in a magazine, then that is when it starts, the internet search.  We start looking for the product and where we can buy it.  We usually then learn as much as possible about the product from what it can do, to what it is made out of.  Now if it’s clothing we always check sizes and colors, because we are going to possibly be wearing it, so we need to know these things.  In most cases it’s a new gadget that is at the top of our wish list.  Now we all do it, we follow trends and we always need to be on the top of our game to know what’s new and hitting the scene in a big way.  The internet has made a new way to window shop, a way to see everything and even buy anything at home.  I thought about this the other day and was amazed at how much I did this.  I realized that I did this with almost everything I bought; from my laptop to my Ipod to even my Bose earphones.  So the next time a new product comes out, remember to look it up!      


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