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One of the most popular trends in technology today is photo sharing. Proof of this is the millions of users that have signed up for accounts at such websites as Facebook or Flickr. Websites such as these allow your friends, family, and if you want, people from all over the world to view your photos. This is a great way for you to keep in touch with your friends and family, or even just have you artwork appreciated by those who want to view it.

Now photo sharing is not new in any way shape or form, it has been around for years, but similar to many other thing in the world, the digital side of it is growing, and rapidly. With Digital Cameras (Point and Shoot and DSLR) coming down in price, most everybody has one. Also most mobile phones come with some sort of digital camera incorporated into there design. This makes the process relatively easy to share your pictures online, or put them in your digital photo frame. But how do you get those film prints of old pictures taken with a standard film camera onto Facebook or Flickr, or even into you digital photo frame? This is where the technology industry has caught on.

Photo Scanners have been around for a few years now, but as the demand for being able to share old prints has gone up it has caused them not only to come down in price but also to become better in quality and produce better digital copies of your pictures. But along with these sometimes bulky scanners, come drivers and other software that have to be installed in order to use it, and on top of that you have to figure out how to run the software as well. For someone new to technology this can be a very tedious and sometimes impossible task. Therefore manufacturers such as Wolverine and Pandigital have been developing products such as the F2D by Wolverine, and the Photolink Scanner by Pandigital to help make the process much simpler and in a sense some what faster. With products such as these, all you really need is your photos or film negatives, the device itself, and an SD card and you’re good to go. No need for drivers or software, or even a computer if all you want to do is put them in a digital photo frame.

These advancements in photo technology make it a trend for all ages. Now old and young, tech savvy and those not so digitally inclined can enjoy the pleasure of sharing their photos with who ever they please, any where in the world in a matter of minutes. Thank you for reading, check back next week for more technology news.

Video Courtesy TigerDirectBlog on YouTube


February 18, 2009 - Posted by | Earl Tatoosh - New Technology

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