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The latest craze in the portable computing industry is the Netbook. Netbooks are a smaller class of laptops that are designed to handle basic computer applications such as web browsing, word processing, Skypeing, and some simple multi-media tasks (e.g. listening to music, viewing photos, watching videos.)

Netbooks come in a small package with sizes starting around 8.9 inches going up to 12 inches and usually weigh between 2 and 3 pounds. Netbooks use the Intel Atom processors which come in 1.6 GHz (N270) and recently a 1.66 GHz (N280) speeds, these processors are small in size which allow the netbooks to come in such small cases. As for storage netbooks typically use Solid state drives which are usually smaller in capacity, but quicker in read and write speeds than standard Hard Disk Drives, which can be used in netbooks if you want more storage. The other option for expanding a netbooks storage is by using a USB Drive or an SD card. One thing you will notice missing from the netbooks design is an optical disc drive, this is mainly to keep the size of the device as small as possible. Typically netbooks RAM Memory is 1GB but, depending on the manufacturer, they can come with more or in some cases less. Now as far as an operating system for netbooks, most use a Linux based operating system to keep the price minimal, but some netbooks use Windows XP. Netbooks also come with a variety of expansion options, such as card readers and multiple USB ports. Other features that are common on netbooks are things like built in Eee PC Courtesy Asuswebcams, and built in WI-FI. A cool feature on Asus netbooks is the option of using the Express Gate or Splashtop Operating system which allows you to boot up your netbook in as little as 5 seconds and have access to all your media files and web based utilities. As well netbooks have outstanding battery life which can be anywhere between 3-6 hours depending on the number of cells in the battery.

Now why are these mini notebooks so popular? Well there are many factors that contribute to this. First being the ultra low price point, with some netbooks staring as low as $249, this makes them affordable for just about anyone. The second reason they are flying off the shelves is their portability, these computers won’t really be much of a hassle to take with you anywhere you go because of their miniature size. Another advantage is the “green” factor, with really long battery lives, and processors that doesn’t require much power it is very easy to conserve energy.

The computing industry has caught on to this trend and a multitude of manufacturers are now developing smaller, more powerful technology that can be used in netbooks and I’m positive that these little machines will only get better, and also a lot more popular as more features become available. That’s all I have for this week, check again next week for more in Technology news.


February 23, 2009 - Posted by | Earl Tatoosh - New Technology

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