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2009 ICT Summit

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Building Partnerships to Identify Community Strengths

The theme of the 2009 ICT Summit was collaboration, which is defined as working together in partnership. The spirit of this theme was most definitely felt in every aspect of the conference, from the planning process to the sponsorship of the conference, and in the work shops which were held there. Many people with a variety of skills and abilities, from a diverse group of organizations came together to make this conference happen. This conference was an exceptional example of how communities with a heavily diverse group of individuals can come together to make something great happen. The communities just need to know what they have, and what they need. This can be done by performing a community skills assessment to discover what the community’s strengths and weaknesses are. Far too often when processes such as these are done the focus is purely on what the community needs and what the community already has is overlooked. The under utilization of the community’s skills can often cost much more time and much more money than is actually required. This makes it very eminent that the communities pool together the skills that they do have so that they can become self sufficient. Then after the community has discovered what its members are capable of, they can start to look at what they need, and train community members to fill those needs. In the end this process will save the community time and money, and will also bring economic sustainability as the funds used will stay within, and help support the community.


February 27, 2009 - Posted by | 2009 ICT Summit, Media Events

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