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First Voices

First Voices
Marisa Philips

Marisa is a very inspirational young woman; she is 20 years old from the East Kootenays. She has worked on many different projects through the past two years on language preservation and technology. I really enjoyed her workshop. First Voices is where people can go on the internet and learn native languages, Marisa’s language is Ktunaxa. On the website there is 2487 number of words and 850 phrases. You can listen to clips of elders saying the words and phrases; you can also play a game, view community slide show, or visit the art gallery. Marisa’s key issue is getting youth involved, she wants to do animation for kids to download. She told us a story of how her nephew knows some words of her language that they have taught him, and one day he was stuck and yelled “ayuda” which means help in Spanish, from watching Dora the explorer! If there was something like Dora with native language that was fun for them but also educational and involved a lot of the native language I think it could really help those being lost, especially at such a young age. Marisa is also a new mom, so it makes her appreciate ideas like this much more.

Marisa Philips



February 27, 2009 - Posted by | 2009 ICT Summit

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