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Neskie Manuel

Neskie Manuel

Neskie is a physics student at Thompson Rivers University. Neskie works with GNU/Linux and other open source projects. Through this, he is learning Secwepemctsin, by starting to translate computer applications into his language, unfortunately this is only in his spare time, although he wishes to work on it a lot more in the future. He has twenty years experience with computers and learned to type on a game called King’s Quest. He knows many different languages such as; English, French, Japanese, Math, and a few others. He was self taught on what he’s working on now last year USING GOOGLE! Haha. Neskie enjoys biking, juggling, school. He uses Ubuntu, there is 80 languages available on there, very interesting, Neskie’s language that he works on is Secwepemec. There is 33 latin character accents and 6 acute accents. On the website there is an educational paint program for kids, kids word game, and more. After watching both of Marisa and Neskie’s workshops, I realize that it doesn’t have to be hard to rekindle our languages, it just takes energy, desire, and a little bit of hard work.

Neskie Manuel


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