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Roslyn Chambers

Roslyn Chambers
Records Manager

Roslyn is a very achieved woman. She has her CRM, CDIA, BSc, and BAdm. She is an award winning certified records manager and has 20 years experience in the records and information management field. She has experience in all types of organizational data. Roslyn was a very bubbly person and was fun to listen to because she was so happy and explained things in such detail that it’s hard to sum it all up into a blog. The objectives; availability of information/quick retrieval, protection and preservation, meeting legal requirements, control, and cost effectiveness. She explained the rule of thumb 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. 1/3-destroyed,1/3-historical,1/3-review of all documents and files. There is different ways for records management, there is codes used like numeric, paper, microfilm, and electronic I.T IS IMPORTANT, you have to have computer literacy. I didn’t know how important management was for filing until I went to her workshop, I thought that people just did it their own way, but to be fully educated in records management is very useful and makes things 100 times easier, knowing what to discard and what is important. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite workshop that I went to. All of them were happy environments and nothing was hard to understand.

Roslyn Chambers


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