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Love and Basketball

My first love has always been technology, but in a close second has also always been basketball, and this week I have the opportunity to talk about both. For many years sports fans have had the pleasure seeing performance measured in sports such as baseball where the speed of a pitch is measured, or in hockey where the speed of a slap shot is measured, but basketball has been neglected. But thanks to Civil engineering professor Scott Schiff and his students at Clemson University this is no longer the case. Schiff and his students have developed a system that can measure the intensity of a dunk, and display the results to fans almost instantly. The slam dunk rating system uses a pair of accelerometers, which measure acceleration, and the basic principles of physics to allow students to calculate in within fifteen seconds how much force was generated by the dunk. For an article on Clemson’s website Schiff stated that “If this project is successful it could be the first of many systems installed in gyms across the country.” Now I know many of you are probably wondering now how much energy is used in a dunk? Well one of the highest forces recorded so far was 30 G’s, accomplished by Ray Sykes a Clemson forward in a game against East Carolina University. This is quite fascinating considering that an earth quakes ground motion accelerates the ground at about point 5 to one g. This is a great development not only for sports fans, but for students as well, in the same article for Clemson’s website Mike Money of the Athletic Department stated “Anything that adds to fan enjoyment of the game, we support, and we’re always happy to support student research.” This is great for fans that not only love seeing a dunk, but would also like to know how much energy is being put into, and it is also a fun way for students to learn about different concepts related to their studies. That’s all I have for this week check again next Monday for more tech news.

Slam Dunk-O-Meter


March 2, 2009 - Posted by | Earl Tatoosh - New Technology

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