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"Cold Hard Cash" - B. Johnny Images

"Cold Hard Cash" - B. Johnny Images



Have you ever found yourself making plans for college? You know WHERE you’re going, WHAT you’re doing, where you’re going to live…but wait, HOW are you going to pay for all of this?

In this day and age, nothing is free; it’s not like your grandparents days where, if you give a man a fish, he’ll give you one text book…you have to pay cold hard cash!!! How are you going to pay for everything if you don’t have cold hard cash? You’ve never held a job to help you save money for post secondary training, your parents never set up a savings account to put money away for your education and your band (if you are part of a band) won’t support you or cannot support you in your educational endeavors. What are you going to do?

NOW is the time to check out studentawards.com! Studentawards.com has been helping Post Secondary students pay their way through College/University by earning Bursaries and Scholarships relevant to their studies. There’s millions of dollars out there waiting for deserving students to grasp it and use it for educational purposes, if no one applies for this free money, it won’t be there next year! YOU need this money and you know it, take the time and opportunity to write your essays, prepare a resume and create a biography, it could just get you the money you need.


“Studentawards.com is the MOST AMAZING and HELPFUL site through all my venture of scholarships and preparing for post-secondary education! Thank you for all the wonderful opportunities you provide for us students! With your support, now I can begin my journey to become a doctor, professor and Indian musician!” – Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for the Top Scholarship, $3500 Recipient.


“This website has been a wonderful resource is connecting me to scholarships. Thank you so much for your help.” – Aboriginal Health Careers Program, $7000 Recipient


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