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Gathering Our Voices 2009 in Kelowna BC



The hardest times in my life brought me to this point I am grateful to have the chance to express myself through writing and letting my truest feelings out in a creative and constructive way. There is a place that shines for all and this place will be recognised by many great leaders as there is a starting point for every leader in training.


The Gathering our voices conference brought me to another great place in life. I had the privilege to walk with great honour and true happiness through every part of the event, I shard moments with people and laughed with so many so. I am truly blessed is what I thought.


 I met so many people who were going through life with focus and determination to help the youth of today. I am honoured to say that this opportunity helped me find my true self and what I am suppose to do in life, I am striving to help the youth as well and to be a better leader of my people and community.

At the conference were so many young people and about 12 hundred people all together so the feeling strength brought me to a place of peace knowing I am not alone in this world to help the youth of the nation. I witnessed Powwow  which helped me realise where I come from in this world of  leadership.2-gather-out-voice-2-dance-196 I also had the opportunity to meet young people like myself who have a dream of becoming famous  and showing the world what they have. I have a dream of becoming a recording artist just like Fat Boy who is in the picture on the right The Baker Twins



the Baker twins are great roll models for many Aboriginal youth across the nation. you can find them at 

http://www.thebakertwins.com/ this is the official website for the baker twins

The Baker Twins 

Model Act and are Spokes people


be a leader




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