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Gathering Our Voices 2009

An all-around great experience!
The Gathering our Voices Youth Conference held in Kelowna, was a refreshing experience from start to end. First of all seeing nearly 1200 youth from all across the province was overwhelming in its’ self. All of these young people, who came to gather and learn together, was really inspiring to me. They all seemed to be having a blast, keeping one another’s company and also meeting new people. There were so many people coming up and asking to sign their shirts or to sign their books just to see how many they could get, and really not worrying about whether they knew that person or not.
Above all, I really enjoyed the talent show. It was great to see the performers get up and share something they really love to do. I can’t even remember any of the names but we seen some; hip-hop artists, guitar player both electric and acoustic, singers, drummers, and drum groups, with a little Métis dancing as well. The energy that the room had was a great feeling, because everyone supported the person on stage. The show started and ended with many cheers, I even saw the wave happen. The talent show is something I look forward to see again.
This year the conference seemed to be about getting the youth into thinking about the future. There were so many workshops on careers and learning new things. A trade’s workshop was held for students thinking about trades as a possible career. A couple of workshops caught me off guard a bit like; the modeling workshop as well as the elders don’t bite workshop. Both these workshops were always the first ones to fill up on the board. However, I was only able to attend the elders don’t bite workshop, and it was quite amazing that these elders where there to share their stories with us and also offer advice to us.
This Conference was a total success for the Organizers, volunteers, and everybody. I would go back again for sure.


March 26, 2009 - Posted by | 2009 Gathering Our Voices

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