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So you want to be a Rock Star!



So you want to be a Rock Star!




Presented by: Sandy Scofield and Garry Oker






Sandy Scofield is a multi-award winning musician and composer based in Vancouver BC. She is a Métis woman (Saulteaux and Cree descent); her European heritage is French. Sandy hails form four generations of fiddlers, singers and musicians on both sides of her family and has been singing and making racket for most of her life! Over the years, she has fronted many groups in various genres, and mentored innumerable singers and songwriters out in Indian country in the way of rudimentary music theory, vocal production, ea training, harmony, the craft of song writing and music-industry protocol. In the curse of acquiring a BFA in music, she has studied electroacustic music with international pioneer Barry Truax, composition with acclaimed Canadian New music composer Owen Underhill, and also studied African music at Legon featured in concert, Woman in Electroacustic Music, “at Vancouver’s Western Front in 2007 alongside works by international acclaimed composers Hildegard Westerkamp and Katherine Norman. Along with compositions commissions, she works as a recording producer and soundscape designer and has performed in France, Vienna, Germany, Korea, Australia, Mexico and at Washington DC’s Smithsonian institute.


Gary Oker

Gary Oker





Gary Oker CEO and president of the innovative design firm SYMBOLS Cultural Design, is a leading proponent of “Cultural design Thinking”- a means of discovering cultural that uses design methodologies to tap into deep reservoir of opportunities and a method of meeting people’s needs that produces new procedures that connects information exchange between people form different cultures. Mr. Oker received his Masters Degree in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in 2005. His artistic side started at a young age watching his mother and grandmother crate beautiful pieces of art using traditional hides and beads. Garry went on to study Visual and Performing Arts and Fashion Design and graduated with Distinction from St. Lawrence College, Kingston Ontario. Oker is an innovative designer who incorporated cultural mythology with communicative arts for innovative business solutions. His company SYMBOLS Cultural Design transforms practices that assists clients seeking organizational changes by using design approach to help them see themselves as apart of the solution to move things forward. He works side by side with his clients to create new product and service offerings, as well as the system structures, and mindset need to develop them. Oker has the ability to lead and inspire design team s and have designed complex cultural learning experiences. Oker strongly believes the competitive advantage derives form creating a culture of innovation, which is based on core human values of collaboration, diversity, tolerance, openness and trust. Garry has traveled throughout Canada, USA, and Europe marketing expressing of leading edge projects through digital media, art, fashion, and music. In his latest project he recomposed traditional ancient songs into contemporary musical that animates the story of the spiritual expression of the northern Danezza dreaming tradition.






The award winning stars shared their experience in the business and worked with participants to show how technology is making “music making” something any aspirating star can do.



 The session workshop was interactive and fun!

Musicians were invited to bring their instruments and show off their stuff.

As for myself, I had the opportunity to do a rap about my past and have a message to bring across with that. There was a technician there with Gary to help make all the music right together, the program Garry had been using was Garage Band by Apple.


I wasn’t the only participant who put in to the song there were a few others and the finished song was played later on that night at the ICT Summit Community Champion Awards Banquet.


I have to say the song that was created was fabulous! It was a cultural and modern sound. I was shocked, in such a small span of time for a finished song like that. I have to say Good Job everyone for putting such hard work into something that turned out to be beautiful.


Thank you for all your time and consideration


Your friend at Tekkru media https://tekkru.wordpress.com


Carmelita Abraham 


here is the link for the song we created









March 27, 2009 - Posted by | 2009 ICT Summit |

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  1. Hello Carmelita and creators of this well put together blog.
    Well done! There is a lot of great information on these pages.

    I love that you are coming together from different parts of the province and using technology as a vehicle to unite and communicate.

    Wishing you continued success.
    Peace and blessings
    Joyce Lee

    Comment by Joyce Lee | April 13, 2009 | Reply

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