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Ensuring youth are prepared for the digital world when they finish school


Tekkru media

Tekkru media

Ensuring youth are prepared for the digital world when they finish school



Careers in the information age are dependent on workers that know how to navigate the landscape of the digital world.


However, there is a reluctance to fully engage ICT in First Nations communities homes and schools because it competes with traditional ways of learning and knowing.

Also there is a need for community involvement in the technology participation to better motivate the youth in a non threatening comfortable environment.


A starting point to ensuring that a basic level of digital literacy is achieved for youth by the time they leave high school would be to first identify what they do know so that you can determine what needs to be taught.


Students would not be able to achieve digital literacy without the resources to do so.  Resources include good quality computers and connections that are comparable to the rest of the province.


Because digital literacy is a new form of knowledge, teachers have to stay ahead of the learning curve when applying technology to their curriculum.  Basic courses that students take such as IC3 need to be taken by all teachers in every school.  Teachers in First Nations communities find that their time is consumed by the number of tasks upon them because they have to manage multiple job descriptions.  Learning technology may be seen as an unwanted burden, not realizing the importance of technology for this upcoming generation.


 In conclusion by creating a properly equipped environment with the right recourses, trained educators and community support you make certain the youth can easily adapt to the new learning curve, and enter the digital workplace with the appropriate skills and knowledge to succeed.


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November 27/2008


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