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ICT For Our Futures

TEKKRU Media’s Debut Video

The implementation of Information Communication Technology (ICT) into First Nations communities in BC is a topic that several aboriginal and government organizations have been keen to talk about.  Urban communities currently have different opportunities and services in comparison to rural communities, which has a significant impact on the lives and futures of the majority of the aboriginal population.  Increased levels of health care, education and economic development are a few areas that the TEKKRU Media Team wanted to talk about in the short advocacy video called “ICT For Our Futures”.  This video is important because it voices the desires of the aboriginal YOUTH community in regard to ICT implementation.  It is important for everyone to remember that in the world of ICT, YOUTH are a strong, able and experienced army that can and will lead the future of the digital world.


April 9, 2009 Posted by | TEKKRU Team Talk | 2 Comments