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To Text, or not to Text?

Believe it or not there are people out there who do not like to text, including myself. Texting was one of those things that was just a total waste of time for me. I mean time wise I could say what I needed to say in seconds with talking. Whereas with texting you spend almost two to three times as longer to say the same thing. You know the drill; open your phone, go into message icon, put in the number and start the message. Just way to long for me and I hated it, especially with the regular number pads on cell phones. Sure predictive text helped a bit, only on certain words. Is there help for those people who hate texting, is there a better way?
There are ways to make texting a more enjoyable experience. For those who hated texting as much as I did. Yes I said, as much as I did! Using predictive text is a great option but you will find at times it will pick other words, than the one you want to say. However, for those people who hate texting this option does not make texting any better. All we want is texting to be easier and faster for us. It really doesn’t help us that we have to press a lot buttons, up to three times to get to a certain letter. Like pressing the number five, three time to get the letter L. I would really get frustrated pressing a button that many times, and be like OMG!!!!! OK, I wanted to say a lot more than that. It’s just that OMG’s letters on the keypad where a lot closer than the other phrase options that I wanted to use. Ok, so I’m now getting off topic but I think I ‘am getting closer to the answer.
The answer: a full QWERTY keyboard. So it was time for me to get a new phone. I shopped around and really wanted a Blackberry (BB), but the one I wanted had really bad reviews. I had seen the phone in action a couple of times and saw how bad it was. From there I started the research for a new phone all over again. All BB’s have QWERTY keyboards so I though why don’t I try a phone with that full key board thing. Which brought me to the Palm Treo Pro, and I have to say I love it to pieces. The QWERTY keyboard is amazing, I received a few texts when I first got and wanted to see if it would do the job. Oh who am I kidding, I ‘am a guy with a new toy!!!!! I played with my new phone and all its options. I used that QWERTY keyboard for; texting, e-mails, trying to type things out on mobile office anything, and everything. I could not believe how easy the keyboard was to use. That’s when I realized, hey wait a minute I’m texting a lot more??? I sent more texts in one sitting with the new phone than I had with the old one. What the hell am I doing, I hate texting, but this keyboard thing is so quick and easy to use.  I was like OMG I think I like texting. I was a little confused. My new phone has made me see the light. I ‘am a born again texter, and I like it!



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