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To Text, or not to Text?

Believe it or not there are people out there who do not like to text, including myself. Texting was one of those things that was just a total waste of time for me. I mean time wise I could say what I needed to say in seconds with talking. Whereas with texting you spend almost two to three times as longer to say the same thing. You know the drill; open your phone, go into message icon, put in the number and start the message. Just way to long for me and I hated it, especially with the regular number pads on cell phones. Sure predictive text helped a bit, only on certain words. Is there help for those people who hate texting, is there a better way?
There are ways to make texting a more enjoyable experience. For those who hated texting as much as I did. Yes I said, as much as I did! Using predictive text is a great option but you will find at times it will pick other words, than the one you want to say. However, for those people who hate texting this option does not make texting any better. All we want is texting to be easier and faster for us. It really doesn’t help us that we have to press a lot buttons, up to three times to get to a certain letter. Like pressing the number five, three time to get the letter L. I would really get frustrated pressing a button that many times, and be like OMG!!!!! OK, I wanted to say a lot more than that. It’s just that OMG’s letters on the keypad where a lot closer than the other phrase options that I wanted to use. Ok, so I’m now getting off topic but I think I ‘am getting closer to the answer.
The answer: a full QWERTY keyboard. So it was time for me to get a new phone. I shopped around and really wanted a Blackberry (BB), but the one I wanted had really bad reviews. I had seen the phone in action a couple of times and saw how bad it was. From there I started the research for a new phone all over again. All BB’s have QWERTY keyboards so I though why don’t I try a phone with that full key board thing. Which brought me to the Palm Treo Pro, and I have to say I love it to pieces. The QWERTY keyboard is amazing, I received a few texts when I first got and wanted to see if it would do the job. Oh who am I kidding, I ‘am a guy with a new toy!!!!! I played with my new phone and all its options. I used that QWERTY keyboard for; texting, e-mails, trying to type things out on mobile office anything, and everything. I could not believe how easy the keyboard was to use. That’s when I realized, hey wait a minute I’m texting a lot more??? I sent more texts in one sitting with the new phone than I had with the old one. What the hell am I doing, I hate texting, but this keyboard thing is so quick and easy to use.  I was like OMG I think I like texting. I was a little confused. My new phone has made me see the light. I ‘am a born again texter, and I like it!



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Gathering Our Voices 2009

An all-around great experience!
The Gathering our Voices Youth Conference held in Kelowna, was a refreshing experience from start to end. First of all seeing nearly 1200 youth from all across the province was overwhelming in its’ self. All of these young people, who came to gather and learn together, was really inspiring to me. They all seemed to be having a blast, keeping one another’s company and also meeting new people. There were so many people coming up and asking to sign their shirts or to sign their books just to see how many they could get, and really not worrying about whether they knew that person or not.
Above all, I really enjoyed the talent show. It was great to see the performers get up and share something they really love to do. I can’t even remember any of the names but we seen some; hip-hop artists, guitar player both electric and acoustic, singers, drummers, and drum groups, with a little Métis dancing as well. The energy that the room had was a great feeling, because everyone supported the person on stage. The show started and ended with many cheers, I even saw the wave happen. The talent show is something I look forward to see again.
This year the conference seemed to be about getting the youth into thinking about the future. There were so many workshops on careers and learning new things. A trade’s workshop was held for students thinking about trades as a possible career. A couple of workshops caught me off guard a bit like; the modeling workshop as well as the elders don’t bite workshop. Both these workshops were always the first ones to fill up on the board. However, I was only able to attend the elders don’t bite workshop, and it was quite amazing that these elders where there to share their stories with us and also offer advice to us.
This Conference was a total success for the Organizers, volunteers, and everybody. I would go back again for sure.

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Never get lost again!

Navigation on SmartphoneYou have heard about them being offered as options in your car, that’s right navigation systems.  Now I like the thought of getting maps and turn by turn directions, its cool right.  What if you don’t have a car can you still get this option on the go, of course you can.  Smart phones are getting to be an everyday item which has many of options.  These small multipurpose gadgets having gps navigation is amazing!  You can see just the map of where you are or just like the car navigation it also gives turn by turn directions, so you know exactly where to go.  Smart phones also give you the weather and traffic alerts.  All major carriers and smart phones have these capabilities of the GPS navigation.  So, if you have a smart phone or are thinking of getting a smart I suggest you check out all the options they have, such as; navigation, facebook, msn messenger.  You want to know what they can do, so you’re not stuck with a phone that has all the options you don’t need.        

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A new way to window shop!

We all like to see what it is that we want to buy, whether it is clothing or the latest gadget.   We usually see the product on T.V or in a magazine, then that is when it starts, the internet search.  We start looking for the product and where we can buy it.  We usually then learn as much as possible about the product from what it can do, to what it is made out of.  Now if it’s clothing we always check sizes and colors, because we are going to possibly be wearing it, so we need to know these things.  In most cases it’s a new gadget that is at the top of our wish list.  Now we all do it, we follow trends and we always need to be on the top of our game to know what’s new and hitting the scene in a big way.  The internet has made a new way to window shop, a way to see everything and even buy anything at home.  I thought about this the other day and was amazed at how much I did this.  I realized that I did this with almost everything I bought; from my laptop to my Ipod to even my Bose earphones.  So the next time a new product comes out, remember to look it up!      

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The Olympic Pavilion Unveiling

The Olympic pavilion will be a gathering place for all nations of the world to observe the First Nations culture in Canada.  While visiting the pavilion people will be able to learn a lot about First nation’s culture; like carving, traditional dances, and potlatches.  We will now be center stage as part of Vancouver and Canada as a lasting part of history.  With the world learning what and who we are, I’m hoping we can drop the stereotypical Indian persona that is shown all over T.V.  I am personally glad to see that we are going to be considered partners of the 2010 games rather than just another prop to be shown off.  Going to the unveiling was a great sight, I witnessed an amazing thing, First Nations, Vanoc, the city of Vancouver as well as the government all working together for one common purpose.  Listening to all of the representatives speak with a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Each person knew the significance of being there at the unveiling.  The 2010 games is a lasting legacy of Canada and First Nations people and I am glad knowing that I will witness it all unfold. 

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Sense of Belonging

Jennifer AuldJennifer Auld

Jennifer Auld from SD70, Ucluelet Elementary, was able to capture her audience with her views and work in making a sense of belonging for First Nations students in there educational environment. She explained how students that feel they do not belong in a class room would not do as well academically. Through her work she has been able to provide proof for all to see.  In amazement she asked a question that I never thought of; when you look in your schools, do you see anything that you can see that represents you and your culture? I can’t really think of any schools that I went to during my years that contained any thing to do with my culture. This question really made me think. My first thought was how are we going to be proud of our culture and ourselves if we aren’t being notice as s part of the rest of the world. Followed by how can we show the world how exciting and interesting we are as a people through our culture. Also, how do we involve other people and cultures to share in our traditions and beliefs? I think that all we have to do is take the first step and be proud for all to see.

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Ensuring a Bright Educational Future for First Nations

Tyrone McNeil
Tyrone McNeil spoke with poise and grace, when he spoke of the advancements in education that have been taking place in British Columbia. Tyrone clearly understands the barriers that First Nations people and communities face in education both on and off reserve. He knows that to get a great education for all First Nations people, a great foundation has to be in place. He knows that support in both the home and in the classroom is vital to our success. The work to achieve the level of support our aboriginal learners need still continues to this day. The message was strong that we will continue this fight for the future of our communities and our people. We all have a common goal in mind for the future and it is important that we do not loose our vision. Not only is Tyrone working with communities and other First Nations organizations, he is working with the provincial government, which gives momentum to Tyrone’s work. Through these partnerships, new partnerships were born, like a partnership with post-secondary institutes to ensure the success of our First Nations students. Tyrone has a firm perspective on his work and he knows there is still a lot of work to be done.

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