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Technology is affecting my community in a positive way.

Happy Good Fiday

Happy Good Fiday

Here in Takla, life is peaceful, great and very quite. If the people of Takla Lake aren’t fishing, hunting, cutting wood, or just living, we are at the band office on the internet or working. I am happy to see a lot more people find their interest in the new technology that is coming out. The youth play games on their Xbox’s or just watch TV.


I have seen a lot of change in my community in the past year, as I see more and more, community members become involved in the new trend of technology. I see more community members finding their interest in sites like Face Book and MSN Hotmail. I think when community members have a computer there is a lot more communication going on in there life. Computers, Digital cameras, cell phones and Video Recorders are the way of new technology for the Natives of Takla lake First Nations. When community members travel to Fort St. James they use their cell phones and some bring their lap tops. The Internet connection can be made through dial up in their homes and for Satellite connection, the members would have to go to the band office or the school. People at the Health center get their internet connection as well.


As I see a growing number of adults and youth taking the chance to learn the ways of new media, the more faces I see smiling and laughing as they learn everyday.


As you see here in the Picture, the smiles on their faces are real.


Younger Generation

Younger Generation

Face BOOk
Face BOOk
Face book and eamil is a great way to keep intouch with friends and co-workers!!

Work online
Work online

Use the Internet to communicate with firends or co-workers. Take fun and creative pictures, take the time to serf the internet and have fun while your learn.

Take Care everyone and Share this site to all your firends. Your friend,
Carmelita Abraham, Miss Takla and Blogger of the North
Have Fun Online

Have Fun Online

Make new creations
Make new creations


April 10, 2009 - Posted by | Carmelita Abraham - From the Heart


  1. Awesome work Carm! Keep it up.

    Comment by Linda | April 17, 2009 | Reply

  2. Friends **** Spelling lol

    Comment by Carmelita Abraham | October 26, 2009 | Reply

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