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Jump Math

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What are your biggest challenges in teaching math?

During the time I spent in the Jump Math workshop there were some issues that caught my attention. I found that learning math has a lot of surrounding issues that affect the rate of success for a student. If a child isn’t eating properly they will have difficulty concentrating so it’s important for students to have a diet high in nutrients. Bananas and apples are nutritional foods that improve a child’s ability to concentrate. Parents should always make sure their child/ren are eating healthy every morning and not eating junk. Another interesting fact I learned was that if a child has difficultly with writing skills it can affect their anxiety levels in other areas such as math, if a child has trouble reading an equation they will have trouble understanding the math concepts.

I listened to Liz Barrett speak about the way some kids write their numbers backwards and how it is a contributing factor to the reason why a student has challenges learning basic skills. Teachers have to lend extra support to students with dyslexia to help them achieve basic skills.

I felt a sense of happiness knowing that there are ways to help children with difficulties in math. It was great to know that there are ways to identify learning disabilities though very specific testing. For example, we learned in the workshop that if a child is placed on their stomach and asked to simulate a breast stroke in a pool and they cannot coordinate their arms, they may have a learning disability and need further testing.

Thank you for your time. I hope this helps you in your journey with teaching math to your students.

Yours respectfully

Carmelita Abraham


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Welcoming Environments

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One of Eric Wong’s many roles is as the  anti racism consultant for FNESC.  He held a presentation like no other at theFNESC 14th Annual Provinical Conference! There were games and laughter and the room was full of energy. Eric has worked hard to be where he is today and promotes his recipe for success:  Never give up and always value differences and welcome individuality.  He taught us how we can ensure that we achieve this in our environments.

 A healthy happy welcoming environment will include the following:

Helping out
Caring and respect
Accepting of feelings
Sharing of stories
Fun, healthy debate
Cooking bannock
Connection to nature
Cultural expression

The overhead presentation shocked me. I learned that racism can come form teachers, sometimes through comments that they make. I saw that the students were speechless, disappointed, and far passed upset when forced to deal with a racist comment coming from someone like a teacher.

I learned that people in the workplace need to understand differences and take steps to ensure that each individual is treated as human no matter what color they are or what kind of preceived differences they have.

Yours respectfully,

Carmelita Abraham

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Brad and Carmelita Abraham

Bradley Marvin Abraham and Carmelita

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My brother Brad
I have a lot of respect for my brother and hear is a picture showing I love him and forever will be saying My brother who is 2 years older than me, lives in Akin Lake with my family up there Mom and dad along with new family who live with my oldest bro. I would like to say hi to all of them and to show that I still care for them and what  they’re doing. Keep up the good work brad and always be the best hunter.

Yours respectfully Carmelita
Miss Takla and the Blogger of the North

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Sense of Belonging

Jennifer AuldJennifer Auld

Jennifer Auld from SD70, Ucluelet Elementary, was able to capture her audience with her views and work in making a sense of belonging for First Nations students in there educational environment. She explained how students that feel they do not belong in a class room would not do as well academically. Through her work she has been able to provide proof for all to see.  In amazement she asked a question that I never thought of; when you look in your schools, do you see anything that you can see that represents you and your culture? I can’t really think of any schools that I went to during my years that contained any thing to do with my culture. This question really made me think. My first thought was how are we going to be proud of our culture and ourselves if we aren’t being notice as s part of the rest of the world. Followed by how can we show the world how exciting and interesting we are as a people through our culture. Also, how do we involve other people and cultures to share in our traditions and beliefs? I think that all we have to do is take the first step and be proud for all to see.

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Lake Babine Nation Promotes Language Program

Chief Betty Patrick of Lake Babine Nation and Monty PalmantMonty Palmantier and Chief Betty Patrickier the Education Director of LBN & UNBC School of Education, introduce an innovative Language Teacher Education Program.

Teaching a traditional language can be one of the most difficult subjects any teacher can learn to teach, especially since it is one of our ancestral values.  With the newly developed education program for teachers who wish to teach it in the classroom.  Teaching traditional language can be very difficult for those who have not had proper training to do so, the program ad been implemented throughout the LB Nation’s schools to improve the teaching quality of the teachers.

Although the population of LB Nation is only 2,400; the youngest fluent speakers of the Tsay Kay Dene Language went from the elders to the mid 30s range.  “Behaviours reflecting Values reflecting Philosophy” says Monty as he shares his enthusiasm in the programs success.

The significant improvement struck ideas that the new language program should be implemented in other First Nations Schools as well as Universities, Colleges and Institutions that have traditional language courses.

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Strengthening Connections: What Strength Means To Me

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Strength and courage comes with times of lost thoughts and doubt. If you want to become stronger you must work at a specific goal. I have the wisdom to know that life on the street ends in lost time and hurtful memories. I am happy to say that life has a changing wind.  My focus is on the north, I am a northern star and officially a blogger, you can call me Miss Takla! I am having a good time and becoming stronger every moment of every day. I have a lot of big dreams but most important to me is to encourage youth to stay away from the life of drugs and Alcohol. I see a place in my life where big changes will happen and life on the Reservation will never be the same. I ask that you read this and consider for yourself if the path you walk will have good or bad outcome because it all depends on what you choose to do.

Always live a strong and truthful lifestyle, have big dreams and never give in to the bad way of living, anyone can get caught up in in. I’ve seen the way temptations take over,  they can rule your actions and thoughts. Think about the way you do things and show yourself you can become a better person.

MissTakla (North Star and Blogger of the North) Nov. 29/ 2008

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Artistic Abraham

more of November 2008th’s picks 087

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During the time I have spent in Vancouver, I have become more aware of the huge world out there. I am happy to be a part of the Tekkru Media group and I am proud of the success we are having. I am super happy for all the challenges I had to overcome issues of my own and some with the group. Over all the days down hear in the coast makes all the questions disappear about how it will be to work with so many different and individual people. I learned that when a person may have there own issues and seem to be focusing it on you, the problem isn’t with you it’s the persons own individual mind set and believes. I choose to be different and become stronger every time I find a challenge to overcome. I pray for everyone in the Tekkru Media group to get along and find our own strengths and believe in the success that’s sure to come, if we work together.

May the creator of life continue to show you the right path to walk? I have to be honest when I say, I am proud to be a part of a group with so many individual people and strong personalities.

Yours respectfully

Miss Takla (The Northern star and the Blogger of the North)

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Ensuring a Bright Educational Future for First Nations

Tyrone McNeil
Tyrone McNeil spoke with poise and grace, when he spoke of the advancements in education that have been taking place in British Columbia. Tyrone clearly understands the barriers that First Nations people and communities face in education both on and off reserve. He knows that to get a great education for all First Nations people, a great foundation has to be in place. He knows that support in both the home and in the classroom is vital to our success. The work to achieve the level of support our aboriginal learners need still continues to this day. The message was strong that we will continue this fight for the future of our communities and our people. We all have a common goal in mind for the future and it is important that we do not loose our vision. Not only is Tyrone working with communities and other First Nations organizations, he is working with the provincial government, which gives momentum to Tyrone’s work. Through these partnerships, new partnerships were born, like a partnership with post-secondary institutes to ensure the success of our First Nations students. Tyrone has a firm perspective on his work and he knows there is still a lot of work to be done.

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Honourable Murray Coell Follows Conference Theme

Tekkru youth poses with Hon. Coell after making his announcements.

Rick Archie, Member of the TMG and Minister Coell!

The Ministry of Advanced Education announced that $350,000 in funding has been allocated to the Native Education College located in East Vancouver. NEC has a variety of programs that First Nations Youth and Adults are encouraged to take advantage of.

The announcement also included the new “BC Aboriginal Youth Award Program” which is a $500,000 investment that will award aboriginal students with bursaries totalling $3500 for Aboriginal Institutions. The Ministry will also add an increase in NEC’s annual funding by $145,000. 

Hon. Coell illustrated that the Ministry of Advanced Education is investing in programs for students who want to find their potential career paths.  “It is vital to start, stay-In and succeed in their education”.  After the announcement was made, an impressed President Tyrone McNeil of FNESC spoke about his interest in having the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development participate as a partner at every Annual FNESC conference, in recognition of their many contributions.

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One speaker really stuck out this morning. He spoke of learning and teaching. There was a point made about “Emotion” not being included in our curricular. There were strong words spoken that are really sticking in my head and I will never forget. The words he spoke were that emotions need to be understood and that we need to learn how to control them. For example road rage is a point he made. If you get cut off somewhere and you don’t have control of your emotions you might be driven to turn around and fallow that guy that cut you off and something you might regret for the rest of your life. So emotions are really important and need to be understood. I mean there are some people that can get really emotional and it can be helped. An example of controlling your emotions is that if you have a report due tomorrow morning, how would you feel? The answer most likely would be stress. Now picture getting a call from your boss saying you have a week extension to do your report. Your emotion changes to relief now. So all we need to do is learn how to channel our emotion and learn to deal with things in an orderly fashion. Now this is one thing I really think we should start up asap because Emotion is the foundation in which we understand what we are learning.

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